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Polar Security Cutters
The Polar Security Cutters will replace the U.S. Coast Guard’s aging fleet of current icebreakers, the heavy icebreaker Polar Star and the medium icebreaker Healy.  

The ships will have a length of 460 feet, beam of 88 feet, and a full load displacement of 23,300 tons.  They will have a diesel-electric propulsion system and accommodations for 186 crew and scientists.  The polar security cutter should be able to break through ice of 6.5 feet at 3 knots, independently break through pressure ridges at 21 feet thick, and be able to operate for 80 days without replenishment.  The medium icebreaker should be able to break ice up to 4.5 feet at 3 knots.  All the icebreakers will be capable of surface defense using removable weapons.

The new Polar Security Cutter fleet will allow the Coast Guard to perform missions in the Arctic such as defense operations and readiness, national security activities and maritime safety, research, search and rescue, logistic support and vessel escort, and ports, waterways, and coastal security.  

For more information and updates on the Polar Security Cutter program, please visit the following webpage: Polar Security Cutter (