The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum
Charles Schwab

Born-Died: 1862 - 1939

Location: Pennsylvania

Site/Company: Carnegie Steel Co., United States Steel Corp., Bethlehem Steel Corp.

Historical Significance:

Charles Schwab was one of America’s largest steel entrepreneurs.  By the age of 19, Schwab managed the Edgar Thomson Works, a site that still operates today.  His later success at Homestead lead to his appointment as president of Carnegie Steel Company at the age of 35.  In 1901, Schwab made a list of companies for consolidation, proposed a method of financing, and acted as an intermediary between Morgan and Carnegie to form United States Steel Corporation.  Schwab was U.S. Steel’s first president, but resigned in 1903 to focus on the formation of Bethlehem Steel Corporation (1904).  He pioneered Bethlehem into the nation’s second largest steel producer.

Photograph - c1920, Library of Congress

Iron and Steel Hall of Fame Induction - 2018 

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