The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum
Lakshmi Mittal

Born-Died: 1950 -

Location: India, England

Site/Company: LNM Holdings, Mittal Steel, ArcelorMittal

Historical Significance:

Lakshmi Mittal joined his father’s company, Ispat, after college, built his first mini mill at the age of 25, and formed his private company, LNM Holdings, in 1995.  Mittal had a vision of consolidation and globalization, unlike anyone else, and made 47 acquisitions over 15 years.  In 2005, Mittal purchased International Steel Group and formed Mittal Steel, the world’s largest steel company.  The following year, Mittal merged with Arcelor, creating ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel and mining company. Lakshmi Mittal serves as Chairman and CEO.

Photograph - 2010, ArcelorMittal

Iron and Steel Hall of Fame Induction - 2018 

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