The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum
Margaret Miller

Born-Died: 1921 -

Location: Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Site/Company: Lukens Steel Co.

Historical Significance:

With the men off fighting during WWII, Lukens women were given new opportunities to prove themselves, and by early 1944, Margaret Miller was the inaugural operator of the crane in the US Navy’s newly built 120” mill and the “only girl operator” of the giant 100-ton mill crane.  

Born in Coatesville in 1921, she was to become a second generation steelworker.  Her father, David Grant Miller, started his career operating the pump and air compressor in the blooming mill of the Midvale Steel & Ordnance Company in Coatesville as early as 1918, and by 1944 he was employed in the Lukens 206” mill. 

Margaret is a noteworthy steel pioneer who rose to the challenge and contributed in a very big way to the victory of the United States in World War II.  She continues to prove what a strong lady she is and she turned 100 on Memorial Day, 2021!

Photograph - 1944, Lukens Steel

Iron and Steel Hall of Fame Induction - 2021 

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