The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum
John Pierpont Morgan


Born-Died: 1837 - 1913

Location: New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Site/Company: United States Steel Corp.

Historical Significance:

John Pierpont Morgan was an American financier, railroad baron, and industrial organizer.  First in banking, in 1895 Morgan formed J.P. Morgan and Company, the predominant source of U.S. government financing.  Morgan also reorganized railroads and by 1902 he owned about 5,000 miles of American rails.  In 1898, Morgan financed the creation of Federal Steel Company and in 1901 he formed United States Steel Corporation, the largest enterprise ever launched in America and the world’s first billion dollar company.

Photograph - c1902, Library of Congress

Iron and Steel Hall of Fame Induction - 2018 

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