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America’s Cup Timeline

1851: The First Race: U.S.’s New York Yacht Club beats England’s Royal Yacht Club.  The competition is named America’s Cup. The United States’ winning streak begins.

1870: The first challenge for the Cup.

1899: Sir Thomas Lipton’s first challenge (he would challenge four more times).

1930: Lipton’s final challenge. First use of the new J-class boats (single mast).

1939: All but three of the original ten J-boats were scrapped for the war effort. The three surviving yachts have been restored and continue to sail today.

1970: Because more than one club wanted to challenge for the Cup, a competition was staged for the first time to determine the single Challenger that would face the Defender.

1983: Louis Vuitton gets involved with the America’s Cup. The challenger series is named after him.

1983: The United States’ 132-year winning streak ends.

1988: Two different styles of boats raced each other in the finals for the first time.

2007: Nationality rules abolished.  Teams could sign anyone, regardless of their nationality. New international teams from countries like China and South Africa participated.

2017: The 35th Cup took place in Bermuda for the first time. 

2021: The 36th Cup will be held in Auckland, NZ.