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Herreshoff Manufacturing Company

In 1878, John Brown “J.B.” Herreshoff and his brother Nathanael “Nat” Greene Herreshoff created a partnership, called the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, located in Bristol, Rhode Island.  Nat would become a famous ship designer and the company would build some of the world’s fastest steam yachts and torpedo boats.

Herreshoff Manufacturing Company was noted for the ingenuity and excellence of its designs, construction methods, creation of fast and stylish boats, and for its manufacturing and business efficiency.  The company was able to produce sailboats up to 162 feet in length, a noteworthy accomplishment for the time.

Between 1893 and 1914, Nat Herreshoff designed seven yachts to defend the America’s Cup.  These boats were some of the largest, powerful and most complex racing sloops in the world.  Five of those sloops defended the Cup, and all five of them won.

Photograph: Herreshoff Machine Shop Employees, 1920s (Photographer: N.G. Herreshoff II)—Herreshoff Marine Museum