The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum

The America’s Cup is viewed as the most difficult trophy in sport to win.  With beautiful and fast yachts, close races, and the appearance of famous entrepreneurs, the Cup has excited and awed nations and citizens throughout the world.  Even after more than 150 years, this competition continues to be a focus of sailing and sports.

The steel industry and the sailing sport have a unique relationship.  Due to its strength and other properties, shipbuilders use steel to manufacture parts of their yachts, such as the hulls and the masts.  Sites like Lukens Steel Company supplied steel plate for numerous yachts and Herreshoff Manufacturing Company and Bath Iron Works built the vessels.

This exhibit celebrates the history of the America’s Cup, one of the most thrilling competitions to witness.  It also makes known the materials used to make vessels, the yachts that were made with Lukens steel, and a few of the famous sailors and owners.  We hope you enjoy it!

Illustration: “That Coveted Cup,” featuring Uncle Sam, 1895— Library of Congress