The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum
Lukens Steel Company & Shipbuilding

Because of quality, specialty steel and the ability to make armor plate, Lukens Steel Company was contracted by the United States Navy and numerous shipbuilding companies to make steel for their products.  Throughout history, Lukens steel could be found in a variety of vessels: from early river boats, to battleships and submarines, to yachts.

On an order from Herreshoff Manufacturing Company dated November 19, 1902, Lukens Steel Company was asked to make six “nickel steel plates for Cup Defender, #605,” which was the Reliance (1903 Defender and winner).  Three of those plates’ requirements included:

14’ 4.5” length, 43.5 inches width, and 6/40 inch thick

14’ 1” length, 46.5 inches width, and 6/40 inch thick

13’ 6” length, 45.25 inches width, and 6/40 inch thick

Photograph: Aerial View of Lukens Steel Company, c1950s—National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum