The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum
The Men Who Served

Those who served in World War I endured the most brutal form of warfare the world had seen up until the twentieth century.  Various aspects of the Great War made life and combat for soldiers unpredictable: new weapons like tanks and poison gas, the deadly trench warfare, rampant disease, and more.

Millions were sent away for months to fight a conflict far from home.  Millions experienced the horrific technology and living conditions that defined the war.

The soldiers shown in this section represent those millions.  These men actively served in World War I.  These men experienced the death and destruction of a modern war.  These men also walked the streets of Coatesville.  These men left a legacy that we are honored to acknowledge and remember.

The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum would like to thank all past, present, and future servicemen and women of the United States.