The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum
Selection Process
In 2016, the National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum began to assemble a list of known iron and steel sites in Pennsylvania.  Due to time and research ability constraints, this list is not comprehensive, meaning it does not include every iron and steel site that ever existed in Pennsylvania.  It remains a work in progress.

After completing research to discover the names, locations, dates of operation, owners, and historical significance of the sites on the list, NISHM felt that we had enough sites to create this exhibit.  We distributed the list to a group of people that included staff, volunteers, local historians, and those that have a general interest in the iron and steel industry.

The group was asked to add other sites to the list if they preferred, and then they voted on which sites they believed the exhibit should include.  The criteria for inclusion contained:
 1. Physical presence in Pennsylvania
 2. Known names, locations, dates of operation, and owners
 3. Historical significance: the “first,” unique products or processes, lengthy operations,      influence on the national industry, current visitation, and more.

NOTE: Due to a planned future exhibit on America’s ironmasters, sites that are significant because of their owners are not included in this exhibit.

“Pennsylvania Iron and Steel: 300 Years of Industrial Might” is the result of this selection process.  We recognize that Pennsylvania has numerous other historically significant sites.  With about 25 selections, this exhibit is not a complete list of all the historically significant iron and steel sites in Pennsylvania.  We do hope, however, that you agree with our choices.