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Parkesburg Iron Company — 1872
Site Name: Parkesburg Iron Company

Location: Parkesburg, Chester County

Dates of Operation: 1872 to 1926

Owners: Horace Beale and William H. Gibbons; Horace A. Beale & Company; Parkesburg Iron Company

Historical Significance: Parkesburg Iron Company made charcoal iron tubes, which were known for  high quality. In 1912, the site had the capacity of one million tubes a year. Horace Beale was a very paternalistic owner: he established sports leagues for his employees, ensured the safety of his employees and site with a strong police force, and more. Parkesburg Iron Company’s baseball team had great talent, and often played major league teams, including Philadelphia, Detroit, and Cincinnati. The growth of Parkesburg, a borough in Chester County, can be linked to the growth of its iron company.