The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum
Cambria Iron Company, Johnstown — 1852
Site Name: Cambria Iron Company, Johnstown

Location: Johnstown, Cambria County

Dates of Operation: 1852 to 1916 (Cambria Iron Company), 1852 to 1992 (Johnstown Site)

Owners: Cambria Iron Company; Cambria Steel Company; Midvale Steel & Ordnance Company; Bethlehem Steel Company

Historical Significance: The Cambria plant was a model for the steel industry and was considered one of the greatest of the early iron and steel works. Men like William Kelly, George and John Fritz, Robert W. Hunt, and Alexander Holley advanced iron and steel technology through invention and industrial design at Johnstown. Johnstown is one of the few sites that have the most intact physical structures that date to our nation’s earlier steel industry.