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Codorus - A Moment In Time
Dr. Charles Lukens, Rebecca Lukens’ husband, was innovative in using  iron products for shipbuilding. As the steam engine gained popularity, demand grew for an iron plate that could withstand the blasts and heat in the engine. Dr. Lukens was the first iron master in the country to roll such a plate, called “boilerplate.” His product was used in the first iron hulled ship in America, the Codorus, which sailed down the Susquehanna River near York, PA in 1825. In addition to boilerplate, Lukens’ company produced hull plates and ribs for the vessel.

  • Type: Steam Boat
  • Tonnage: Unknown
  • Keel: 60ft 
  • Displacement: 5+ tons
  • Beam: 9 ft
  • Launched: November 22, 1825