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SS Artic
SS Arctic was a 2,856-ton paddle steamer, one of the Collins Line, which operated a transatlantic passenger and mail steamship service during the 1850s. She was the largest of a fleet of four, built with the aid of US government subsidies to challenge the transatlantic supremacy of the British-backed Cunard Line. During its four-year period of service, the ship was renowned both for its speed and for the luxury of its accommodation. She became known for tragedy in the age of the steam ship. On September 27th, 1854, the ship left the UK for New York with 246 passengers on board. In thick fog, it collided with the French steamer Vesta, sinking and killing 322 on board.

  • Type: Paddle Steamer
  • Length: 284 ft
  • Tonnage: 2,856 tons
  • Launched: 1850