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Steel Stories: The Worth Brothers - the plants and facilities, strikes, arsons, and events that helped shape the iron and steel industry.
Join our panel of women, both active and retired, who have worked in the steel industry. Our panel consists of both office workers and production workers. Hear about how the industry has changed over the last 50 years. Their best memories, and their worst.
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Steel workers - men and women, retired and active - talk about their experiences working in a steel mill. You will learn about why they chose to work in the steel industry, the hard work their jobs entailed, and so much more.
Rich Smith look at the Valley Iron Works, one of eight local rolling mills that helped to make the Coatesville area a center of boiler plate production in the mid eighteen hundreds.

Professor Thomas Legg, West Chester University, speaks about the changes in the 1800s maritime world as it transitions from wood to iron ships.  The presentation illustrates both the technological change and its impact on society.
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Steel workers - men and women, retired and active, talk about their experiences working in a steel mill.
Richard Smith, Manager, Process and Product Design — ArcelorMittal Coatesville, looks at Coatesville's 206" Rolling Mill, which is celebrating 100 years of operations in 2018.  The 206" was once the largest mill in the world and is still making steel for American ships and submarines.
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The Youngstown District had one of the largest influences upon our nation's iron and steel history.  Youngstown, Ohio and the surrounding Mahoning Valley supplied the iron that helped transform the United States into an industrial powerhouse. The region rose from a mid-scale iron producer in the 1800s to the "Steel Valley" in the 1900s. It is a story of innovation, stagnation, and change.
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Dan Graham, local iron historian, speaks about the women that had great influence on our region's early iron industry.
Join us for our Women's History Month program, titled "Coatesville Steel: The Women's Experience."
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Black steelworkers will take a trip down memory lane and share their working experience at the Coatesville steel site.
Chester County author and storyteller Susannah Brody looks at the long term business connections between three generations of the Dowlin family and Rebecca Lukens and her descendants.
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ArcelorMittal's Richard Smith explores 300 years of iron and steelmaking in Pennsylvania.
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In association with NISHM's "Shipbuilding the Age of Iron & Steel" exhibit Gene DiOrio, and his ever handy slide projector, tour the Queen Elizabeth II during her construction from a visit he made to Scotland in 1968. As an added bonus Gene talked about and showed slides of the SS United States.
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Starting a Conversation - African American Before and During the Age of Iron & Steel.
Eugene DiOrio takes on a tour of 12 industrial locations looking at buildings, machinery, gardens and how the locations have influenced modern day society.
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In honor of the 30th anniversary of the ruling in Goodman vs. Lukens Steel Co. as well as the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Dr. Craig Stutman, Assistant Professor of History and Policy Studies at Delaware Valley College, will share his noted research on the case and its influence on American society.
Chester County historian Eugene DiOrio talks on the connection with Lukens Steel and the creation of the Chester Valley Bank.
Scott Huston explores the Lukens Athletic Association.
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A panel of former Lukens employees discuss the reason Lukens was a special place to work.
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In partnership with Hopewell National Historic Site, we present our inaugural Black History Month lecture, "The African American Experience". This lecture is presented by Frances Delmar, Chief of Interpretation at Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site.
Susannah Brody talks about her new book, Remembering Chester County, From Valley Forge to Coatesville.
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Paul Paskoff, Professor of Economics at LSU, lectures on tariffs and the American Iron & Steel industry at the Graystone Society's Spring Lecture #2.
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200 Years of Rolling Along the Brandywine - The Story of the Brandywine Iron Works and Nail Factory and the many other rolling mills of the Brandywine Valley. Presented by Richard Smith at May 6th for the The Graystone Society's 2010 Lecture Series
See and hear about how iron and steel are made. Iron is the raw material for many metal products. Steel is iron that has been mixed into an alloy with other materials and had the carbon content manipulated to create special qualities for the steel.
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Lukens steel of Coatesville was one of the most successful steel plate rolling mills in America. Learn about the process here. How ingots are heated and rolled to form plate. The mill still exists now owned by ArcelorMittal. Visit this historic district in Southeastern Pennsylvania.
Ed Frey, General Manager ArcelorMittal Coatesville, talks about the Coatesville steel mill from the end of Lukens in 1998 to the 2008 ArcelorMittal operations.