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Lukens Colossal Sonarsphere Returns Home
Coatesville, PA — October 27, 2007
The Graystone Society of Coatesville announces the acquisition of a sonarsphere, the first product to return to what was formerly known as Lukens Steel. It is slated for inclusion in the National Iron and Steel Heritage Museum in Coatesville.

The sonarsphere, which was originally manufactured at Lukens Steel in 1984 and designed for use on nuclear submarines, will return to Coatesville on or about November 2nd, conditions/traffic permitting . Government Liquidation of Scottsdale, Arizona is donating the sonarsphere to the Graystone Society for the National Iron and Steel Heritage Museum. Government Liquidation is the leading global seller of U.S. military assets in over 500 different commodity categories.

A sonarsphere is a mammoth, dimpled steel ball, 15’x15’x 21’ in diameter, weighing 27 tons. It contains 1245 hydrophones which make up part of the advanced sonar suite. The sonarsphere is usually positioned as far away from the ship’s regular noise as possible, ending up in the bow of an attack submarine.

Sonarspheres were delivered via a special truck carrier called a “Low-Boy”. A similar “Low-Boy” will retrieve the sphere at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine and bring it home to Coatesville via a complex path through seven states (avoiding certain bridges, tunnels and overpasses).Wm.F. Gaebel Trucking Company is handling the transport. Transport fees have been generously donated by The Huston Foundation and other donors.

The Graystone Society, which was created in 1984 to help preserve the city’s historic architecture, also assists with municipal improvement and economic development through preservation. The Graystone Society is named for the Graystone Mansion, part of The Lukens National Historic District, which is the future home of The National Iron and Steel Heritage Museum. This museum will focus on the people, places, products and processes that made The Lukens Mill an outstanding industry in her day.


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