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Joanna Furnace
Joanna Furnace

9AM-3PM Daily
$4 Adults, $2 Students 

1250 Furnace Road
Geigertown, PA, 19523


Nestled in an area rich with iron ore, abundant woodland for charcoal, limestone, and waterways to provide power, lies Joanna Furnace -- a historic remnant of Berks County’s thriving early iron industry.  Unlike today’s corporations with their large buildings and complex hierarchies, the 19th century iron industry at Joanna Furnace was the product of rugged individualism. From the semi-wilderness of Robeson Township, in 1791, Joanna Furnace was started by Samuel Potts, Thomas Rutter III, Thomas May and Thomas Bull. The furnace was named in honor of Pott’s wife Joanna Holland Potts. 

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