The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum
Sandra Momyer — 2019


Archivist and local preservationist Sandra S. Momyer has devoted most of her life to preserving the history of the people, places and heritage of Chester County.

Upon hearing of the nomination Sandra said, “I am overwhelmed to receive the Rebecca Lukens Award. It is such an honor and quite a legacy to be measured against. I have always strived to do the right thing in the best way I can and to move forward with integrity and commitment. To be awarded for this is extraordinary.”

Sandra has dedicated 15 years of her career as the Executive Director of Historic Yellow Springs (HYS). Her leadership, selfmotivation and commitment to her work resulted in preservation, conservation and adaptive uses for the historic village. At HYS, Sandra oversaw the first land easement protection program with the National Lands Trust, worked to establish the archives with its first professional archivist and executed many restorations projects within the village including; the restoration of the three spring houses that contain the mineral waters for which Yellow Springs is known, the exterior of the Lincoln Building, the 1777-78 Revolutionary War Hospital Ruins, the establishment of the 18th Century Medicinal Herb Garden, and co-authoring the book “Yellow Springs”. Sandra has advocated on federal, state, county and local levels concerning preservation issues to ensure Historic Yellow Springs and other local historic sites were strongly represented.

Preservation is very important to Sandra Momyer. She states, “I believe in preserving our past whether it be structures, oral histories, books, art work and so much more. It brings a quality of life to our communities, our families and our culture in general. To blend the past with the contemporary can be done and is the best path to follow. Don’t lose sight of our origins. Be proud of it, preserve it and move forward.”

During retirement, Sandra’s dedication brought her back to Historic Yellow Springs where she currently manages and cares for the village’s archives. In addition, Sandra is a volunteer member of the Schuylkill Township Historical Commission in which she has worked to preserve the historic character of the township, evidently so through her research of “A Brief History of Schuylkill Township”.

Sandra serves as the vice president of the Schuylkill River Heritage Center and has received recognitions from the Chester County Historic Preservation Network and Cabrini University for her preservation successes, challenges and ongoing commitment to the community.