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The Coast Guard is one of the oldest organizations of the federal government.  The Coast Guard is both a federal law enforcement agency and a military force, making the organization a protector of the U.S. in both peacetime and war.
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New York's World Trade Center resource center.
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The America’s Cup is viewed as the most difficult trophy in sport to win.  With beautiful and fast yachts, close races, and the appearance of famous entrepreneurs, the Cup has excited and awed nations and citizens throughout the world.

This exhibit looks at the Cup and the role Lukens and steel has played in the races.

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Carrier Month Poster

National U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Month was established in 2016 to honor the value, accomplishments, and contributions of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers, and the men and women who serve aboard them. 

This exhibit celebrates Aircraft Carrier Month by examining the history of the vessels; their special characteristics, including the use of steel; and why they are so important to the American past, present, and future.
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Throughout human history, fascination with the sea has led to ship experimentation and discovery. Whether for transport, fishing, war, or travel to foreign lands, the ship has been vital to our understanding of our past and present and will continue to influence our future.
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Golden Spike
What a howl went up! Irish, Chinese, Mexicans, and everybody yelled with delight. He missed it. Yee. The engineers blew the whistles and rang their bells. Then Stanford tried it again and tapped the spike and the telegraph operators had fixed their instruments so that the tap was reported in all the offices east and west, and set bells to tapping in hundreds of towns and cities... Then Vice President T. C. Durant of the Union Pacific took up the sledge and he missed the spike the first time. Then everybody slapped everybody else again and yelled, ‘He missed it too, yow! It was a great occasion, everyone carried off souvenirs and there are enough splinters of the last tie in museums to make a good bonfire. Alexander Toponce - Witness to the Event
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National Iton & Steel Museum Exhibit artifacts
Find out how a steam locomotive, firetrucks, an ambulance and a submarine's sonorsphere relate to our heritage collection. And take a look at their restoration…