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Local historian and world traveler Eugene DiOrio will be showing photographs from his trips to Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia, home to part of the Huston Family.
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Golden Spike
What a howl went up! Irish, Chinese, Mexicans, and everybody yelled with delight. He missed it. Yee. The engineers blew the whistles and rang their bells. Then Stanford tried it again and tapped the spike and the telegraph operators had fixed their instruments so that the tap was reported in all the offices east and west, and set bells to tapping in hundreds of towns and cities... Then Vice President T. C. Durant of the Union Pacific took up the sledge and he missed the spike the first time. Then everybody slapped everybody else again and yelled, ‘He missed it too, yow! It was a great occasion, everyone carried off souvenirs and there are enough splinters of the last tie in museums to make a good bonfire. Alexander Toponce - Witness to the Event
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