The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum
Iron & Steel Hall of Fame
Steel is a crucial part of our lives today.  We cannot live our lives without steel It is almost everywhere we look: our skyscrapers, the cars we drive in and bridges we drive across, protecting and cooking the food we eat, serving in national defense, and elsewhere.

The history of iron and steel is long – thousands of years.  It is rich – full of amazing discoveries, life-changing inventions, important decisions, and keen individuals.  What are those discoveries, inventions, and decisions?  Who are the individuals that made them?  Who and what influenced the steel industry enough to change it?

The Iron & Steel Hall of Fame reveals a number of inventors, engineers, investors, owners, and others whose actions had great impact upon the iron and steel industry.  These individuals had either state, national, or global influence, from the industry’s beginning to the present day.

From America’s first ironmaster, to the inventor of a modern steelmaking process, to chief organizers of United States Steel Corporation, to the present CEO of the world’s largest steel and mining company… the Iron & Steel Hall of Fame includes men and women that changed the iron and steel industry forever.

Selected to the inaugural Hall of Fame are — Henry Bessemer, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Cort, Guy Dolle, Henry Clay Frick, Elbert Henry Gary, William Kelly, Alfred Krupp, Friedrich Krupp, Friedrich Alfred Krupp, Rebecca Lukens, Lakshmi Mittal, John Pierpont Morgan, John Potts Sr., Thomas Potts, Wilbur Ross, Charles Schwab, William Siemens, August Thyssen, John Winthrop Jr. and “The Signers of the Declaration of Independence” Charles Carroll, Stephen Hopkins, Philip Livingston, George Ross, James Smith, George Taylor, James Wilson, & John Winthrop Jr.

Each year, NISHM plans to induct a new individual into the Hall of Fame.  Would you like to nominate someone?  Please send us the name, biographical information, and reason why he or she should be inducted. 

This exhibit is only on display through September… so please stop by and see it soon!